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Natural Hair Dye for Healthy Tresses

Natural Hair Dye for Health Tresses

The passion for looking beautiful is the human weakness from the time of human origin. So human beings are very much interested in taking care of their skin and hair. Hair coloring is one of the primeval cosmetic cultures practiced by both genders in different parts of the world. It is done to hide the grey or white hair in older adults, but now it is used by the youth to achieve a new trendy, fashionable look. Dissatisfaction with the hair color among the younger generation has led to various kinds of natural and synthetic dyes. The progression of synthetic dyes for hair is trailed to the 1860s discovery of para-phenylenediamine (PPD) reactivity with air. Synthetic dyes available in the market use various combinations of chemicals like peroxide, ammonia, PPD, etc., which may alter the hair structure and damage it. So it is better to go on with natural hair dyes as it contains plant-based ingredients that are very safe for the hair. The hairdressers did earlier hair coloring at saloons. But now it is effortless, user friendly and could be done at home itself.

The different types of hair coloring are permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. In the permanent hair coloring method, ammonia is mixed with a developer (hydrogen peroxide) or oxidizing agent to fix the hair color permanently. Semi-permanent hair coloring contains no developer or ammonia but contains the carcinogen PPD or other related colorants. Temporary hair color is typically more vibrant and brighter than the semi-permanent and permanent hair color. Exposing the hair to all these harsh chemicals may cause damage to the hair. Natural hair colors are the best way to color without harming the hair. These natural hair dyes are made using natural ingredients, which give multiple benefits by fulfilling the hair coloring and profoundly nourishing the hair by giving it a new look. The benefits of using this natural hair color are that it covers the grey hair with no side effects, deeply nourishes the hair from its core, can be used for all hair types, and also cure hair problems.

According to Ayurveda, one beautification is haircare which is described as “Keshya karma”. Keshya karma is used to promote hair growth (Vardhanam) and dyeing of hair (Ranjanam). The kesaranjanam is a quick process of adding pigments or removing pigments from the hair shaft. For this, the Ayurvedic text shows formulation using plant parts derived from madayantika, Bhringaraj, nilika, walnut, etc. are used from ancient times not only for hair dyeing but also to promote hair growth. Kesaranjan action of these products is essential for maintaining the aesthetic value of the hair in premature greying, which is one of the widespread problems occurring nowadays.

Nowadays, in the market, there are several ammonia-free hair dyes available. As the name suggests, these dyes may be free of ammonia and other harmful chemicals like that cause damage to the hair. Shesha Ayurveda’s Nilini Ayurvedic hair color is a natural color devoid of ammonia and PPD. The complete manufacturing process of Nilini Ayurvedic hair color does not involve any chemicals. As mentioned earlier, our product is entirely produced with a combination using natural products in line with the traditional methods of Indian culture using Ayurvedic techniques.

Nilini Ayurvedic Hair Color Kit 40G – Natural Black, NO Ammonia, NO Bleach, NO Peroxide Hair Color

MRP $6.00 [Inclusive of all Taxes]

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  1. Vidhya says:

    Are you sure it does not contain any chemicals.im allergic to ppd.doctor says anything that makes your hair black is chemical

    1. No Synthetic chemicals have been added in the entire manufacturing process. Please perform a patch test before using the product. Discard if it doesn’t suits you.

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